You can prolong the life of your transmission by taking care of a few simple routine maintenance tasks. You don’t have to wait until you need Chandler transmission repair to drive into an auto shop. Sure regular maintenance is an expense but the cost doesn’t compare to paying for a new transmission.

It is highly advised that you get the maintenance done by a professional auto technician especially if you are not particularly handy around cars. DIY enthusiasts can also benefit from professional maintenance since they most likely don’t have the necessary technical knowledge and tools to get the job done right. Below are simple routine maintenance recommended by experts to prolong the life of your car’s transmission.

Check Transmission Fluid

One of the simplest maintenance tasks and one that you can do on your own are to regularly check transmission fluid levels. Read the owner’s manual to see the factory recommended level. Note that too much transmission fluid has the same effect as too little fluid. Check the fluid levels weekly or bi-weekly and top up as necessary.

Consult with a Chandler auto tech if you find that you need to refill your transmission fluid often. This constant topping may indicate a leak or other problem that needs to be resolved before it gets worse.

Replace Transmission Filter

Dirty and clogged filters overwork the transmission and eventually cause it to fail before it’s time. Replacing or cleaning old seals and transmission filter is necessary every so often. A service technician can recommend the frequency of this maintenance.

The good news is the replacement filter is relatively inexpensive. The procedure is also simply and straightforward for someone who knows what he’s doing. There is no reason to overlook replacing transmission filter and seals every so often.

General Cleaning

This cleaning involves removing sludge, fluid, grime and dirt from your transmission case, gasket, sealing surface and transmission pan. Again, this procedure is relatively simple, straightforward and inexpensive. Head to your auto repair shop to find out how often you should do this cleaning. The general cleaning is also a good time for the technician to inspect the transmission for any signs of impending damage or failure.

Replace Pan Gasket

Finally, the pan gasket is prone to natural wear and tear. A worn or broken pan causes transmission fluid to leak and eventually leads to system failure. The transmission might need to be lowered before the gasket pan can be replaced. The process is also relatively inexpensive and easy to carry out by a qualified and experienced service technician.

These few maintenance tasks can protect your transmission from failing before its time is due. Speak to a Chandler auto service technician to schedule regular service and maintenance. The cost of this maintenance is small compared to potentially having to repair or replace your transmission.