CRM Software is the most productive and constructive system that an organization can install, it is a customer centric approach for an organization to deal with its customers. It is designed to automate your sales processes and tabulate important sales call data-employee wise, region wise, product wise, etc-that enables information for sales personnel. It creates and manages daily schedule of sales representatives in sync with the daily sales process.

In case Your Organization is worried about Lead Tracking, Neglected Calls, Lead Generation, Resource Optimization, Service team Attrition, Effective Allocation of Complaints, Productivity of Service People, AMC/ Warranty/ Consumable Tracking. Then CRM tool is a fit to fix these issues.

Sales Mantra CRM Software enables the management to analyze the whole sales process: starting from identification of Suspect Prospect till providing post sales support. Salesforce automation software assists in creation of targets to entry of business leads, their follow-up, appointment of the sales people, history of any sales-call, expense control etc.; supported by valuable reports.

CRM Sales software is a plethora of following advantages:

  • B2B Organizations become more efficient: CRM Software offers a broad range of industry specific processes and gives the power& authority and enables you to view your business in a new way.
  • Increased inter team transparency resulting in reduced employee attrition rate.
  • Efficient follow up mechanism leading to increased sales closures.
  • SalesMantra CRM SOFTWARE has different versions available meeting different organization budgets.
  • It seamlessly allows you to integrate the sales team by providing a central platform empowering you in lead generation and expanding to new business horizons.
  • It streamlines major activities that include managing contacts, setting appointments, marketing campaign, handling customer service, and numerous other tasks.
  • An effectively enacted CRM system helps employees across departments to understand their responsibilities to customers and in case the responsibilities are not met, it gets simple to identify where things that are lacking, who fell short and make sure it does not repeat again.

It even has a user friendly android version to add/ update day-to-day activities and stay connected to your business where-ever you go. Through Sales Mantra CRM tool one can easily see how sales are going and plan accordingly for the demand. It helps to get an instant big picture of all facets of your business in one place.

CRM ultimately helps to get the best returns as it assists group of customers, or even potential customers and ameliorate sales and growth.