Methods of shopping underwent transformation after digitization of the world. A new breed of shoppers, Generation Z is changing the shopping norms even further. Born in the era of smartphones, Generation Z love to get instant access to the information they seek. Generation Z comprises today’s kids who are engaging online, constantly watching videos and surfing internet for the topics that interest them.

Although they spend most of the time glued to their mobile screens, they like to verify the information they searched online. They do not breathe, eat and sleep internet; they experience it. So, when it comes to shopping online, they do not make a firm decision until they are confident about the online store and their products.

Generation Z, the strong influencers

Generation Z or Gen Z, the newest generation, is taking over the millennials. Gen Z can be classified as those born in and after the year 2000. Hence, Gen Z is a larger percentage of the population, more than baby boomers, and are quickly approaching Millennial Level.

As the Gen Z is large in size, they make a stronger purchasing influence. Apart from having a strong purchasing power, they also influence a major part of family budget. They are born into a world where mobile is omnipresent. They like to browse online and visit in-stores. But, no matter where they are, they always look for a seamless experience. If a brand doesn’t meet their expectation, they will drop it quickly. As they are a stronger influencer, it can largely affect ecommerce sales.

In order to make the most of ecommerce, brands need to provide a seamless browsing experience along with a hassle-free purchasing process. Gen Z is rather impatient and hence don’t take time to visit a competitor if an ecommerce site underperforms. This is true for both in-store and online purchasing. Therefore, brands have to make sure that their brick and mortar seamlessly transforms into their online image, providing customers an impeccable shopping experience through apps as well as physical stores. This is imperative for brands to provide similar kind of experience both online and in-stores.

Aside from a seamless shopping experience, consumers also want to experience high-quality customer service, like a hassle-free communication with the brand. Shoppers are more likely to return to an online store that provides them with a live chat facility. This triggers better engagement with the brand and turn them into repeat customers.

If you are a brand trying to leverage ecommerce, it is better to first avail professional website consulting services to establish an ecommerce store. Later on, you need to focus on features that are required to attract Gen Z buyers, like hassle-free customer communication, live chat, faster and secure payment processing, etc. Ecommerce service providers like TecMaestro can help you serve your customers in best possible way.

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