You take the leap to chase your dream of starting a business and there is one little piece of the puzzle left. That’s whether or not you should get a business mailing address. You might already have a telephone number and email address for your home business but this may not be enough to see you through. In addition to this, getting a traditional PO Box address is out of the question if you don’t have a physical office. Fortunately, services such as mailbox Pigeon services offer private mailing addresses for personal and business use.

If you are still struggling to decide whether this is a necessary expense, below are a few good reasons why you still need a traditional mailing address.


If your business involves receiving packages, you definitely need a mailing address. The real question is if you should use your existing home PO Box. The quick answer to this question is NO if you value your privacy. Doing business puts you into contact with a wide spectrum of people and personalities. Unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions so giving away your home address is not only risky but also reckless. You can still receive your packages by simply signing up for a private mailbox while keeping your home address and physical location completely private.

Build Business Credibility

You probably wouldn’t want to transact with a business without a concrete address. Your customers use the same rationale. Its great to have a contact phone number and email address, but so does the quintessential scammer.

A mailing address provides and additional level of credibility because it comes with a street address or physical location. What’s more, you can incorporate mail box rentals addresses to your website and even get listed on Google Local among other online listings that enhance your credibility and visibility. Having a listed address online can have a dramatic improvement on your online presence when potential customers search your products or services on the search engines.

Keep Track of Personal and Business Mail

Having your business related packages and mail arrive at your traditional PO Box is convenient when you are just starting up. As the business picks up and the flow of mail increases, it becomes extremely difficult to separate what’s business and what’s private. This influx of mail means that you have to open every single letter or package to decide which is important and which can wait. By keeping your private and business affairs separate, you can better decide what’s urgent and what isn’t.

These are just some of the important reasons you should at least look into private business mailboxes services. Starting a home business is exciting and full of possibilities. A few good decisions on your part can have a dramatic positive effect on the outcome of your business.